Patient Transitions of Care

Getting People On Path And Guiding Them To Better Health

MyHomeCare Plan® (MyHCP®)

MyHCP® is a first of a kind, patient engagement communication tool for use by hospitals, integrated healthcare delivery systems, allied health care and physicians. MyHCP® equips patients with a simple, easy to use owner’s manual that activates behavior and gives a clear understanding of everything they need to know about their health, enabling people to better manage their chronic care and/or conditions after discharge. The MyHCP® program is engineered and guaranteed to:

• Engage and educate patients in self-care;
• Increase Rx adherence and persistence;
• Reduce hospital readmissions by at least 10%;
• Maximize CMS incentive payments for reduced readmissions; and
• Enhance patient experience, net promoter scores and Medicare Advantage Star Ratings.

Patient VPI®, a predictive science that “types” patient personalities to target messaging, is partnered with MyHCP®, which brings personalized aftercare and home care instructions and information to an unprecedented level of clarity and detail. Patient VPI® complements MyHCP®’s approach to fit the patient’s personality, further enhancing their understanding, adherence and persistence. They work together or separately depending on needs and are particularly appropriate for PCMH, Health Home, Medicare Advantage, ACO and Transitional Care Management environments.

The goal for MyHCP® – Patient VPI® is to equip physicians and health care providers with tools, techniques and systematic methods to communicate in a more meaningful, scientific and predictable way to empower patients to be actively engaged and compliant in their aftercare behavior.

Integrated and interoperable, DocInsight’s technologies are also potent marketing tools that maximize new referrals, recommendations and patient retention.

Engaging patients in their care is proven to create better experiences, better outcomes and to lower costs. Our solutions provide the tools to improve performance, service and profits.