PEARS – Patient Experience Assessment Reporting Solution

PEARS helps you tap into the voice of your patients to improve the effectiveness of healthcare delivery at your Medical Home, Health Home and ACO.

PEARS enables you to systematically collect, measure and report patient experience of care quality indicators across the Medical Neighborhood at the practice-provider-patient level.

Your commitment to monitoring and improving the patient experience of care will result in an increase in net promoter score, loyalty and more new patients.

Knowing how your patients feel and think is vital to the doctor-patient relationship and a key part of providing the appropriate level of treatment, no matter what the condition may be.

Features of the PEARS system include:

PEARS Survey and Reporting Platform – provides your patients with easy access to quickly complete a survey, and your practice with actionable feedback on what patients experience before, during and after their recent visit. Patients who have a better care experience are more engaged and have better outcomes.

Practice–Provider–Patient Level Quality Metrics – enable your practice to monitor key pay-for-performance measures and drive continuous improvement. This helps you provide patients with the best quality of care, experience and outcomes possible.

Insight Reports – Authorized users can access PEARS reporting platform to dynamically generate summaries of patient experience and quality outcomes, putting the tools that you need for improvement right at your fingertips.

State-of-the-art Technology – PEARS technology for measuring quality and patient experience are unsurpassed and will change the way you interact with your patients.