Patient VPI® – Mind Genomics® & Addressable Minds®

A Knowledge-Driven Breakthrough Innovation In Care

Mind Genomics® the science, and Addressable Minds® the method (developed by Dr. Howard Moskowitz), understand the individual patient at a profound level uncovering for a specified indication and a specific patient, what to say and how to say those specific messages. The end goal is through this individual knowledge to guide the patient how to increase medication compliance.

Mind Genomics creates a scientifically validated, scalable database of communications for mass personalized, one-to-one communication. A number of industries and professions have experienced enhanced communication and success by applying the science. A demonstration project that began in January 2013 at a mid-sized hospital in upstate New York reports increased compliance and substantially decreased readmissions to hospitals.

Addressable Minds, a scientifically validated process, cuts across traditional demographic, psychographic and behavioral segmentation techniques by discovery and then directly aligning with an individual’s mind-set. Healthcare providers learn what to say, how to say it and what to avoid. The happy outcome is a dramatically improved return on client-user investment.

Learn How We Streamline Transitions, Empower Patients and Reduce Readmssions
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