Patient Experience

Advancing the science of consumer emotive insight to improve patient experience of care and wellbeing.

The PCMH model of health care delivery organizes itself around the patient. This empowers patients (and family caregivers) to become more actively involved in their health and healing process.

The DocInsight PEARS program solicits patient involvement and gathers vital feedback about their personal experiences with physicians and clinicians. PEARS equips healthcare providers with a secure, easy to use cloud-based multi-modal patient experience assessment reporting platform that produces statistically valid and reliable patient-emotive insights.

PEARS make it easy for providers and payers to actively listen to members voices day in and day out. By unlocking the value of health consumers emotive insights, PEARS identifies the most vital elements of patient care that need to improve and evaluates solutions that have a positive impact on experiences and outcomes. This empowers doctors, caregivers and insurers to more intelligently engage patients to improve healthcare quality, safety and service delivery.